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    Nokia 7 Plus o Motorola G6 Plus

    Experience a lot of amazing games and apps from Our Android App Store

    Alpha Squad 5 is the next Moba game that you should play on your smartphone today. And with the help of Toor Watch Face, you can easily control your smartwatch while playing Alpha Squad 5.

    Here is our deal today, the next generation of Moba game and the best application to control your smartwatch are available in our Android App Store.

    The first one is Alpha Squad 5, an online multiplayer RPG game with superior gameplay and great graphics.

    The second one is Toor Watch Face, the excellent app on Android Smartphone with beautiful style for the one who loves the sports style for their smartwatch.

    Alpha Squad 5

    Alpha Squad 5 is an online multiplayer RPG game, that brings you to a turn-based style real-time PvP battles, gathering powerful heroes and defeating evil Storm forces.

    The army Storm invaded was coming more and more with the aim of dominating the world.

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    Faced with this situation, the earth peacekeeping force - Alpha Squad recruited experienced and bravery commander to stop the enemy. This is your chance!

    Download the Alpha Squad 5 game from our Android App Store, respond to the call and take command of Alpha Squad's superheroes in the battle against the wave of ferocious enemies now!

    Participate in epic PvP matches in the Alpha Squad 5.

    Joining the battlefield your task is to collect heroes and build an entire squad with all the strongest soldiers to defeat all of the villains and henchmen of Storm.

    Besides, gamers can also join an alliance with online friends, work together and compete with other players. Prevent Storm's world domination plot by collecting and upgrading equipment for your hero; persuade powerful villains to "rebuild the main rules" and fight with you against evil.

    Gather a mighty army from many different heroes

    The multiplayer online PvP battles in Alpha Squad 5 are incredibly dynamic, addictive and fast-paced. With hundreds of tasks, attacks, PvP combat, real-time chat and many more exciting features, you'll never feel dull in the game.

    Let's embark on collecting heroes, upgrade the squad now! Can you keep your position on the global rankings for years?

    Many attractive game modes

    Alpha Squad 5 has many game modes including solo, co-op and PvP. In the game, you will always have work to do and never see your hands get free. Don't forget to attend events that are held regularly for a chance to win big prizes!

    Enjoy fast-paced battles when your hero fights in real time, in a stunning 3D world. It is a world full of exciting characters.

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    Toor Watch Face

    Toor Watch Face is a brand new watch face capable of see hours, minutes and seconds. Toor Watch Face for Android Wear is worth adding to the smartwatch user's collection.

    Android Wear is one of the most popular smartwatches apps today. Not only have a beautiful design, but it also has many great benefits. In particular, users can use additional applications to enhance functionality for Android Wear, such as Evernote, Documents, InstaWeather.

    Highlight features of the beautiful watch face Toor Watch Face for Android Wear

    Intuitive and friendly watch face design for Android Wear users

    Large, easy-to-read numbers provide comfort when used

    Simple navigation

    Edit some basic settings such as temperature (C or F), 12 or 24-hour time mode, date, weather and animation

    Change colours in both interactive and fuzzy modes

    Select and install your favourite font style

    Facilitate internal changes such as watch and phone batteries, step counter, temperature, weather icons, contacts, FIT, Google search ...

    Compatible with Android Wear 2.0 series

    This watch face acts as a standalone application or with a phone-based settings panel

    Toor Watch Face for Android Wear helps you personalise the watch face as you like

    Toor Watch Face for Android Wear contains many useful features

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    In the end,

    We hope that you will try out our suggested app and game, as they surely bring you joy and convenience. You can download both from our Android App store. Enjoy!

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    Olá pessoal

    O meu Asus Zenfone 3 (ZE520KL) deixou-me depois de uma queda brusca e estou à procura de um substituto para o qual defino um orçamento entre 200 e 250 €.

    O recurso essencial é que ele tem uma boa capacidade de armazenamento (pelo menos 64 GB como o meu Zenfone ... Estou usando a empresa Huawei P8 Lite como um substituto, e percebo o quanto esses GB eu preciso de todos).
    Nada de coisas sem conector de áudio e, de preferência, ataque Tipo-C.
    Um compartimento óptico / fotográfico, pelo menos discreto, é apreciado.
    Seu orçamento está baseado em euros porque você está na europa?
    Funcionário VIVO

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